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STARTS AT INR 17,000/-

For those who need to upgrade their wardrobe in a more organised and well thought manner.

Please note: All sessions will be conducted on video + voice calls.


Session 1- Introduction 

Tell me all about your style- your fashion journey, your preferences, aspirations, inhibitions, and challenges.

We will also discuss your lifestyle and set a style goal for you.

Next, I will share a list of things I would require from you before I begin working on your case.

Session 3- Setting the Foundation

To better understand your personal style, I curate mood boards for the kind of looks you like and define a goal for your style journey with me. 

Session 4- Pre-Shop Research


I will conduct an in-depth research to help you find the right outfits for your wardrobe. This is back-end work, your involvement is not required.

Session 5- Personalised Shopping Lookbook

A digital e-book with the curated outfits (including accessories, footwear etc) hyperlinked for you to shop them at the comfort of your home. 


 Click here for a sample lookbook.

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